blacklist vintage sale

all of the following items were $1 each! it took a lot of digging through really random stuff, but i’m very pleased with the things i ended up finding.i love this gray!

and look at the nice clasp. it folds out pretty big to make searching for things within it easy.

i think this off-white clutch is adorable. i’ve been half-heartedly looking for a clutch bag for the past two months to no avail. but for $1, i had to snatch this up.

i really like the clasp detail and the dusty rose lining (that’s in really good shape still!)

shoes! i have been needing more heels/dressy work shoes. but have not wanted to spend the money on them. i wear A LOT of black, so these will be good for brightening up all that black a little bit.

and more gray! i love gray. and have been wearing lots of purple with gray lately. and recently acquired a gray belt. these sandals were meant to be found by me.

i really like thrifting/vintage shopping. i am going to try and get out there and do it more.


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