babes in bikeland.

(original post date 09/28/08)

the 20+ mile all girls tour de minneapolis alleycat race was yesterday evening. liz, nata and i had tons of fun and did a very leisurely ride. if we do this next year we’ll probably pick up the pace a little bit – especially knowing more what to expect. my thighs are still all tingly today but the ride felt great.

oodles of bikes at behind bars in NE – our starting point.

waiting in line for beers. only to have them run out just when it was our turn. sad. not sad is how long and great my hair is though (bottom right)!

our lovely bikes! mine is the blue one, liz’s is the bianchi and nata’s is the red one at the bottom of the pile.

on our bikes waiting to take off and start the race.

we finished! and having our completion beers!

racers and volunteers galore. the after party was at one on one.


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